Framed | Animated Short Film
Not too long ago in the Wild West, Billy the Kid a 12 year old kid discovers a skull from an unknown creature in his backyard. Out of the blue the skull comes to life in the form of a spirit to avenge for a murder 20 years ago so he can rest in peace. Now Billy must travel and find the killer who framed the wandering soul.
Responsible forĀ all of pre-production, script, directing, producing, storyboards, and character designs. Animation done by Pascal R Freehand Mikulu.
The Last Hour | Animated Short Film
A young man has only one hour left to live before he is sent to the death chamber for his execution. In his last moments he reflects on life and makes peace that he is about to die.
Responsible for all of pre-production to post production, character designs, voice over, animations, backgrounds, storyboards, directing, screenwriting, and producing.
Music: Edwin Marrufo
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